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The "My Coins" Module

See the current value of your entire coin collection.
With our "My Coins" module, you only have to select which coins you have, set the quality on each coin, and it will show you the current value of your coin collection.

Take pictures of your coins.
You can add two pictures of each of your coins in "My Coins."

Take your coin album with you on your phone and computer.
If you'ld like a virtual coin album, you can export it from "My Coins" into an easily readable format that looks like a normal coin album with pictures and information of each coin.

"My Coins" will help you to determine the correct coin grade.
I remember the following statement from one of my old catalogs: "If you underestimate a coin's grade you will lose money, and if you overestimate a coin's grade, you will lose friends."
Because setting the correct grade on a coin is such an important thing, we made a module for iCoins that will help you with this.

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