Why iCoinsApp and what it does

When I was a young boy I got some old coins from my father, and I still remember that to this day.

Over the years he gave me a lot of different coins with different denominations and years on them. 

I guess many of you can remember the feeling, the first time you go through the coin collection to check against the catalog which coins you have and which ones you're lacking, and the magic feeling every time you can fill a hole in the collection and tick them off in the catalog.

Even though it never was the sole reason I collected coins, I remember I went through the catalog, checking the quality of my coins and their value, so that I knew what my collection was worth.

I remember I checked the value of my coin collection almost every year, and it took a lot of effort.

After I started in school I discovered how to make a kind of database of each yearly check and also made a graph with my ruler to show how much the coin value had risen every year. Needless to say my attention in math class went up significantly, but to put together this information and graph was a lot of work.

Written by Lars.

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