Would you like to join the project?

Contact us through our Form for Contributors if you can contribute with any of this:


For private Individuals:

For Companies:

  • We would like to come in contact with auction websites and auction companies for possible linking from and to our app.
  • If you are a retailer and have made an overview of the sale of Norwegian coins in recent years.
As a contributor to the project, what's in it for me?
  • Your Name or Company name in the list of contributors.
  • Text or banner Link to your website in the list of contributors.
  • Direct link to your coin auctions or sales list from within the app.
  • Depending on what you have, we may be able to pay you in cash.
  • Possibility to see new app functions before everyone else.
  • Possibility to make a big change for coin collectors all over the world.
  • The nice feeling of knowing that you are helping others.
  • Franchise possibility.
  • Career opportunities.